[]Struct argmin::prelude::ArgminIterData

pub struct ArgminIterData<O> where
    O: ArgminOp
{ /* fields omitted */ }

The datastructure which is returned by the next_iter method of the Solver trait.

TODO: Rename to IterResult?


impl<O> ArgminIterData<O> where
    O: ArgminOp

pub fn new() -> ArgminIterData<O>


pub fn param(self, param: <O as ArgminOp>::Param) -> ArgminIterData<O>

Set parameter vector

pub fn cost(self, cost: f64) -> ArgminIterData<O>

Set cost function value

pub fn grad(self, grad: <O as ArgminOp>::Param) -> ArgminIterData<O>

Set gradient

pub fn hessian(self, hessian: <O as ArgminOp>::Hessian) -> ArgminIterData<O>

Set Hessian

pub fn jacobian(self, jacobian: <O as ArgminOp>::Jacobian) -> ArgminIterData<O>

Set Jacobian

pub fn kv(self, kv: ArgminKV) -> ArgminIterData<O>

Adds an ArgminKV

pub fn termination_reason(self, reason: TerminationReason) -> ArgminIterData<O>

Set termination reason

pub fn get_param(&self) -> Option<<O as ArgminOp>::Param>

Get parameter vector

pub fn get_cost(&self) -> Option<f64>

Get cost function value

pub fn get_grad(&self) -> Option<<O as ArgminOp>::Param>

Get gradient

pub fn get_hessian(&self) -> Option<<O as ArgminOp>::Hessian>

Get Hessian

pub fn get_jacobian(&self) -> Option<<O as ArgminOp>::Jacobian>

Get Jacobian

pub fn get_termination_reason(&self) -> Option<TerminationReason>

Get termination reason

pub fn get_kv(&self) -> ArgminKV

Return KV

Trait Implementations

impl<O> Debug for ArgminIterData<O> where
    O: ArgminOp + Debug,
    <O as ArgminOp>::Param: Debug,
    <O as ArgminOp>::Hessian: Debug,
    <O as ArgminOp>::Jacobian: Debug

impl<O> Default for ArgminIterData<O> where
    O: ArgminOp + Default,
    <O as ArgminOp>::Param: Default,
    <O as ArgminOp>::Hessian: Default,
    <O as ArgminOp>::Jacobian: Default

impl<O> Serialize for ArgminIterData<O> where
    O: ArgminOp

impl<O> Clone for ArgminIterData<O> where
    O: ArgminOp + Clone,
    <O as ArgminOp>::Param: Clone,
    <O as ArgminOp>::Hessian: Clone,
    <O as ArgminOp>::Jacobian: Clone

fn clone_from(&mut self, source: &Self)1.0.0[src]

Performs copy-assignment from source. Read more

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<O> Send for ArgminIterData<O> where
    <O as ArgminOp>::Hessian: Send,
    <O as ArgminOp>::Jacobian: Send,
    <O as ArgminOp>::Param: Send

impl<O> Sync for ArgminIterData<O> where
    <O as ArgminOp>::Hessian: Sync,
    <O as ArgminOp>::Jacobian: Sync,
    <O as ArgminOp>::Param: Sync

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impl<T> ToOwned for T where
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type Owned = T

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