Struct argmin::solver::particleswarm::ParticleSwarm[][src]

pub struct ParticleSwarm<P, F> { /* fields omitted */ }

Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO)





impl<P, F> ParticleSwarm<P, F> where
    P: Position<F> + DeserializeOwned + Serialize,
    F: ArgminFloat

pub fn new(
    search_region: (P, P),
    num_particles: usize,
    weight_momentum: F,
    weight_particle: F,
    weight_swarm: F
) -> Result<Self, Error>



  • cost_function: cost function
  • init_temp: initial temperature

Trait Implementations

impl<'de, P, F> Deserialize<'de> for ParticleSwarm<P, F> where
    P: Deserialize<'de>,
    F: Deserialize<'de>, 

impl<P, F> Serialize for ParticleSwarm<P, F> where
    P: Serialize,
    F: Serialize

impl<O, P, F> Solver<O> for ParticleSwarm<P, F> where
    O: ArgminOp<Output = F, Param = P, Float = F>,
    P: Position<F> + DeserializeOwned + Serialize,
    O::Hessian: Clone + Default,
    F: ArgminFloat

fn next_iter(
    &mut self,
    _op: &mut OpWrapper<O>,
    _state: &IterState<O>
) -> Result<ArgminIterData<O>, Error>

Perform one iteration of algorithm

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<P, F> RefUnwindSafe for ParticleSwarm<P, F> where
    F: RefUnwindSafe,
    P: RefUnwindSafe

impl<P, F> Send for ParticleSwarm<P, F> where
    F: Send,
    P: Send

impl<P, F> Sync for ParticleSwarm<P, F> where
    F: Sync,
    P: Sync

impl<P, F> Unpin for ParticleSwarm<P, F> where
    F: Unpin,
    P: Unpin

impl<P, F> UnwindSafe for ParticleSwarm<P, F> where
    F: UnwindSafe,
    P: UnwindSafe

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