[][src]Struct argmin::solver::quasinewton::dfp::DFP

pub struct DFP<L, H> { /* fields omitted */ }

DFP method



[0] Jorge Nocedal and Stephen J. Wright (2006). Numerical Optimization. Springer. ISBN 0-387-30303-0.


impl<L, H> DFP<L, H>[src]

pub fn new(init_inverse_hessian: H, linesearch: L) -> Self[src]


Trait Implementations

impl<L, H> Serialize for DFP<L, H> where
    L: Serialize,
    H: Serialize

impl<'de, L, H> Deserialize<'de> for DFP<L, H> where
    L: Deserialize<'de>,
    H: Deserialize<'de>, 

impl<O, L, H> Solver<O> for DFP<L, H> where
    O: ArgminOp<Output = f64, Hessian = H>,
    O::Param: Clone + Default + Serialize + ArgminSub<O::Param, O::Param> + ArgminDot<O::Param, f64> + ArgminDot<O::Param, O::Hessian> + ArgminScaledAdd<O::Param, f64, O::Param> + ArgminNorm<f64> + ArgminMul<f64, O::Param> + ArgminTranspose,
    O::Hessian: Clone + Default + Serialize + DeserializeOwned + ArgminSub<O::Hessian, O::Hessian> + ArgminDot<O::Param, O::Param> + ArgminDot<O::Hessian, O::Hessian> + ArgminAdd<O::Hessian, O::Hessian> + ArgminMul<f64, O::Hessian> + ArgminTranspose + ArgminEye,
    L: Clone + ArgminLineSearch<O::Param> + Solver<OpWrapper<O>>, 

fn terminate_internal(&mut self, state: &IterState<O>) -> TerminationReason

Checks whether basic termination reasons apply. Read more

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<L, H> Send for DFP<L, H> where
    H: Send,
    L: Send

impl<L, H> Sync for DFP<L, H> where
    H: Sync,
    L: Sync

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